Born in 1959, Jean-Marc LOUIS travelled a lot and he absorbed light, which will illuminate all of his artwork.
His long stay in Africa has immersed him into ochre and brown and these colours constitute the background of his paintings.
His thai experience, has converted him to recycling materials of which he knows how to read their story and he rehabilitates them until he brings them to life.

In an abstractive research, numerous ways are experimented with. The artist does not have a lack of imagination...
Ancient canvas, cartons or sometimes the wood, will be theframework of materials and as much heterogeneous as obsolete maps, media coverage removed from old newspapers (we fancy to read them) or plenty of tousled thread.
Collages of “diverse and varied” materials are treated with lots of care, revealing to us timeless colours with patina, a little like Braque’s way... 

We can also discover very sobre colours in a set of combinations where lines and strokes illustrate in an abstract expressionist way some mysterious calligraphies.

Compositions are always structured to a spatial burst, never random; we are in an organised mess, in Miro’s manner.
Even frames themselves take part in the party with the cycle “ Thungna” which intensifies some points or red spots.

It seems that Jean-Marc LOUIS would like to escape from any classification so much his artworkis timeless.
A good idea, effectively, for this association with ancient frames, all periods take together, the mixing of styles and periods is never obvious. 

Constructions need all the attention to divulge themselves by signs, but they keep a little of their enigma. 

Obviously, signs have a meaning we have to decipher!!! In fact, Jean-Marc LOUIS restores this warm atmosphere that we do know from Braque or Miro...

The aerial and special character can also be found in the sculpted artwork with the cycles of “Forme”, “bird” or “Sankassi” where oxidised metal offers us softened pigmentations with singular nuances. 

Jean-Marc LOUIS remains an original artist, outside any fashion current.
According to this view, his work constitutes an absolute contribution to the history of contemporary art.
We can feel a huge spirit of freedom, indispensable to the realisation of an accomplished artwork.
This is a work of great quality that will logically find a main place on the international art market. 
Jules Saint-Aubin - Art Critique.